Extra Yard For Teachers

Great Teachers Change Lives

Extra Yard for Teachers Week and the Big Day

The number #1 factor in student achievement is a great teacher. Extra Yard for Teachers Week is a nationwide celebration of teachers, led by the CFP Foundation and uses the platform of college football to show appreciation for educators in communities across the country. Created in 2015, EYFT Week provides an opportunity for universities, coaches and student-athletes to take part in its mission of elevating the teaching profession by recognizing inspiring teachers at games, events and on social media. The Big Day for Teachers is the largest single day effort led by the CFP Foundation and in close partnership with sports, education and corporate partners to deliver resources and surprise teachers in schools across the country.


The CFP Foundation’s primary platform, Extra Yard for Teachers, elevates the teaching profession by inspiring and empowering teachers through the implementation of programs in four focus areas: resources, recognition, recruitment and professional development.

$100,000.00 Goal to Support Teachers, Classrooms, Teacher Training and Retention in Hawaiʻi!

Details surrounding the 2024 Extra Yard For Teachers initiatives will be released later this year.

To learn more about how you may support this initiative, please email [email protected]

Details will be provided later this year.

Please mail your donation to the Hawaii Bowl Foundation, 1003 Bishop Street, Suite 1990, Honolulu, HI, 96813. Please make checks payable to the Hawaii Bowl Foundation and note “EYFT” on the memo line. To donate by phone, please call the Hawaiʻi Bowl Foundation Office at 808-523-3688 during normal business hours.

A portion of the proceeds from Hawaiʻi Bowl tickets will be donated to Hawaiʻi Teachers.

Hawaiʻi Bowl tickets are expected to go on sale later this year.

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