Facility Policies:

  • Illegal contraband, weapons, fireworks, coolers, airhorns, cans & bottles, noisemakers, umbrellas, balloons, poles & sticks, beach balls, large tripods, large inflatable’s, laser pointers, skate boards, roller blades, confetti, bicycles, large banners & signs and outside food and beverage are NOT allowed into the Turnstile Gates.
  • Alcoholic beverages in any container are prohibited.
  • Video cameras are prohibited for this game.
  • All guests are subject to check by stadium security.
  • Each person shall be allowed one bag that does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12” in size.
    In addition, each person will be allowed to hand-carry a blanket, poncho or jacket, along with a soft-sided seat cushion. Exceptions will only be made for medically necessary items, after proper inspection at a gate designated for this purpose. Strollers must be collapsible and fit underneath the seat. Non-approved bags must be returned to vehicle or discarded. Hard-sided coolers will not be permitted.
  • Only service pets with leash allowed under ADA Regulations.


For more information on Aloha Stadium policies, please visit their site.

Tailgate Policies:

  • Parking stalls are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserving stalls is PROHIBITED.
  • Vehicles, tables, chairs, barbeque pits and tents must be confined to one stall. Empty stalls may not be used for tailgating.
  • Pegging of tents is prohibited and punishable by fines up to $500.00.
  • Dumping hot coals in the parking lot or in trash receptacles is prohibited.
  • Ball playing and Frisbee tossing, etc., is prohibited.
  • Bicycle/scooter riding, skateboarding and rollerblading are prohibited.
  • Animals not allowed on property.
  • Live bands and broadcasting of loud music is prohibited.
  • No soliciting, hawking, selling or giving away of any article is allowed without the prior approval of the Stadium Manager.


Seating Policy:

  • No one is allowed on the playing field without proper credentials.
  • Should guests experience any discomfort because of the actions of others, please report any incident to the nearest usher. Please call the Security Hotline at (808) 483-2807 or text “ALOHA” to 78247 if you need assistance or to report any violations. The usher will then seek assistance to alleviate the problem. All ushers and usher supervisors are provided by at Aloha Stadium.